make a wish


awaken the artist

i forget the sheer pleasure of viewing the world through my photographer's eyes ~ how every splash of color ignites excitement, how juxtapositions of shape and design bring my surroundings into the realm of art. the ability to transform what i see in nature into the crisp reflection on the screen days later. and how an image can rejuvenate my tired soul ~ bring me back to the path: the warm breeze, the sound of children laughing and puppies barking hello across the park. the power of an image to awaken my writing after months of hibernation; how so much emotion can erupt from one click of the shutter.

i am still in awe of my love for the camera ~ the ability to capture a moment in time, preserved as if trapped inside a bubble, floating freely into the universe. as with any piece of art, each will see something new inside the bubble ~ the emotions which arise as individual as the eyes which view it. and it is my hope, that with each small creative step i take, others will be inspired to view their surroundings with an artist's eye. to find beauty in the mundane: that ray of light escaping the cloud becomes cause for delight, to celebrate the vibrancy of every day.



i see this image and think of the ways we leave an imprint on those around us. how those we have loved leave a mark on our hearts, how we in turn snuggle our way into theirs. i have been thinking a lot lately about the impact i have on my patients and the families with whom i may only meet once or twice. and i reflect on the indelible marks they have left on my soul. 

i have been missing my jamie-girl lately and dedicate this post to her…to the innumerable ways she impacted my life, in the 24 years she was a part of mine.