artful weekend

despite the fact that i spent most of my saturday at defensive driving, i did have a lot of fun the rest of the weekend. one of my friends from grad school got married friday night, and it was a beautiful wedding--but mostly a kick-ass reception--complete with mariachi band! david and i swung by fotofest on our way home to check out the scene.

then, after my class on saturday we stopped by winter street studios, which are open on the second saturday of each month.  a few of my favorites were:
there was another artist, matt messinger, who i LOVED, but he doesn't have a website apparently.  you'll need to go over there to see for yourself!  he does a lot of mixed media and found object art....so i was loving his space. it is so nice to see artists showing the kind of art that i'm making. and all of the abstract art at winter street really has me drooling to play with david's oils.  (in the garage, of course)

here are a couple things i was working on tonight:

oh, and we went to the rodeo today...sometimes there are no words.

okay, yes i did try one.

little red boots always make me smile.

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  1. there is something about your textures and colors that you use on your collages that I LOVE. That one above with the trees...
    You need to sell on etsy. I'd buy!