today i am 35

Here is last year's 35 by 35 list...let's see how I fared:
  1. go to blanco tx - antiques
  2. participate in ARToberFEST
  3. make s'mores at the beach  {it was actually at a bonfire, not on the beach}
  4. take salsa lessons again with d
  5. go to the drive-in in ennis
  6. write 5 chapters of my memoir
  7. finish my death/dying course
  8. bake x-mas cookies with mom/geg
  9. read one book a month {minimum}
  10. do a triathlon with my sister
  11. fly a kite
  12. go to dewberry farm
  13. make tamales with my mother-in-law
  14. spend the weekend in wimberley
  15. go to schlitterbahn
  16. celebrate my 3rd anniversary of being smoke-free
  17. get my bike fixed
  18. submit an article for publication
  19. find a local Nia class
  20. make my {famous} tiramisu
  21. attend a book reading
  22. create a lovely outdoor space
  23. sustain my writers group
  24. watch my dreads start to grow again
  25. catch a fish on my father-in-law's boat
  26. learn everything i can about hospice social work {this is neverending}
  27. go to the rainforest at moody gardens
  28. buy a new lens for my camera
  29. create a CEU presentation
  30. go to an outdoor concert  {this is happening next month!}
  31. take a romantic getaway with d
  32. recycle more
  33. get a pedicure
  34. go to new mexico in the RV
  35. be brave.  {if getting pregnant isn't brave, i don't know what is...}

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