there is magic all around us. but we must be open to its power. and believe. children have no problem with this task...the rabbit comes out of the hat and they are awed. it is an incredible sight, to watch the faces of those witnessing magic.  as adults, are we still able to believe--to go back to that place of innocence where the impossible is possible? we hear stories in the media about miracles. and people believe. we see something that defies all logic and acknowledge that sometimes...miracles happen.

what is the difference between magic and miracle? is it simply an open heart that allows for us to capture the magic and hold it inside of us? children's hearts are open to everything. but as we age, it seems to harden...protecting us from the inevitable heartbreaks that come with adulthood. despite this knowledge, i want to leave a little piece of myself open to the possibility of magic. to trust that there are things we cannot explain--and don't really need to. sometimes it's just more enjoyable not knowing how the trick was done, and just for a moment...to sit in awe.

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