mission failed...

this flashback friday is actually a reflection on how i DIDN'T live like a kid last week...please don't be disappointed with me, it happens sometimes. that damn adult instinct takes over and says things like "that's not professional" or "you'll look like a clown." now when i was a kid, looking like a clown was a GOOD thing. so here's how it went down last week...

i was in a funk...i was having one of those crisis moments where i realize that i work to pay my bills in this terrible cycle of consumerism for things i don't really want, but need to maintain this ridiculous lifestyle i didn't exactly choose but seems necessary in our modern western culture.  (and yes, i was temporarily forgetting that i love my job and have a really lovely and exciting life despite this work-financial obligation-responsible-adult-predicament.) so i had a flashing thought that i should wear my "wedding shoes" {pictured above} to work to cheer myself up a bit, but then VETOED it. just like that...my yucky grown-up brain told me NO.

this is exactly the stuff that stifles creativity. that stunts our growth (at any age). this is not good for my soul. i firmly believe that kids should wear tutu's and firefighter hats to kindergarten (or 6th grade!). i also believe that i should wear red puma sneakers to work if i feel like it. red sneakers do not take away my master's degree or the licensure i attend countless continuing ed courses and pay hard-earned cash to maintain. funky blue laces do not say "i am a bad social worker" or "i am incapable of providing empowering statements and listening attentively."

if i have to be a grown-up, i should be able to act like a kid not only in the privacy of my own home (ben and jerry's straight from the container, with an oven mitt to protect from frostbite), but in public as well. and next time i feel like a little wedding-shoe-love might lift my spirits....i will say yes.
for a chance to win that fabulous giveaway, answer me this...what did you do this week {or really wish you had done} to feel like a kid again?


  1. i wore mismatched socks. on purpose. with short pants. hee.

  2. the oven mit to protect you from the ice cream container is such a funny visual!

    love the red sneaks! :)