the year in review

last year i committed to doing 20+10 things in 2010...they were not resolutions (i don't believe in the stuff), but things i believed i could not fail to accomplish.  let's see how i did...

· kiss my husband (passionately) every day

· call my best friend molly more often than i did in 2009  although this was still pathetic and i vow to continue my efforts in 2011

· only sit outside at restaurants

· go to galveston once a month   (i made a good effort...and then we moved there part-time in october!)

· eat healthy foods. (this includes my promise to never again use spray butter!)--> and i didn't!

· read 5 books (in their entirety)  i read WAY more than 5!

· complete a triathlon

· go to at least 1 conference/workshop/retreat, preferably on the topic of writing/creating  (natalie goldberg workshop at kripalu yoga center)

· take one fabulous trip (or perhaps a fabulous staycation)   both.  see above for kripalu (and a week in galveston in january)

· do one thing that scares me (i.e. submitting a query to a big publication)...sadly i never heard back, but at least i tried

· celebrate the 2-yr anniversary of my last cigarette

· laugh out loud   i commit to contuing this well into the new year

· substantially reduce my debt  (uhhhh, let's just skip this one)

· continue the “year of discovery”  (i finished this with 40 posts in july...i'm very proud of my first year of blogging)

· volunteer with teens at bo’s place

· make connections with inspirational bloggers  i even brought 2 to do an art show at our studio in august!

· feel generally calm and peaceful  (uhhh, except for the panic attack, i guess you could say so)

· swim

· learn a poem  (i learned half of the road not taken, by robert frost)

· cook dinner more often

· paint with my sister

· participate in ARToberFEST

· take a mountain bike trip to Austin

· buy a “REAL” camera

· stop feeling guilty about being a bad housewife

· hire molly maids when necessary (to accomplish the above)

· make my own clothes – or modify, alter, funkify the ones i never wear

· limit new purchases

· play with children (or just ride the swings)  thank goodness for my niece!

· live an authentic life

not too shabby.

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  1. oh my! not too shabby at ALL! you were able to cross so much off that list! i love that you kissed your husband passionately every day. i'm putting that on MY list for this year! thanks!