my friend lindsay did a vision board workshop at our art studio a few months ago, and i was able to participate in the activity. she set this amazing ambiance, candles on the floor with a huge circle of magazines covering the space. she had tea and cookies and soothing music to complete the picture. and then she gave us an assignment:  find the images that tug at your soul. i didn't blog about it then because i was still getting out of that yucky place, wading through the grime of my mind, learning to listen to the tugs at my soul.

above is the board i created. it's a bit smaller than a child's piece of posterboard (i like to work with squares, if you haven't seen my artwork). it now adorns the wall of our bedroom at my in-laws house...a place where i need to be reminded of my vision for the future.  for the past 3 months david and i have been living a half life: half the week (while i'm working 12 hour shifts at the hospital) in houston, and the other glorious half relaxing at my parents condo on the beach in galveston. i have felt like i have a split personality, anxious and frustrated in houston; peaceful and relaxed once we pass the city limits.

but i have honored my vision board. in mexico, i swam in waters reminiscent of the teal blue above. i have continued my yoga practice since my return from kripalu in november. i am determined to forge ahead in my dream of living the writer's life. i have been reading and absorbing and dreaming of the future. and i am taking that word "create" to heart...that it is only me who can create the life i desire. i cannot allow others to control the outcomes, nor become discouraged at those aspects of which i do not hold the reins.

i believe in setting intentions. in speaking our dreams and releasing these visions into the universe. it is only then that we are strong enough to attempt those first wobbly steps toward the future.

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