lovely overlaps

photo of stained glass from a trip to chicago

lately i have been noticing a lot of overlaps. i'm not sure how to describe it, but it seems that the various pieces of my life are coming together in unique ways. some might call it coincidence, others kismet, or even divine intervention. i don't know what to make of it, but it sure is lovely. it feels a bit like all of the crazy pieces of this puzzle i've created are finally fitting together. maybe i am actually defining what is important in my life and those things are uniting somewhat seamlessly. perhaps this is just a part of growing up.

any way i look at it, it makes me smile. books i'm reading echo the thoughts i've been having, co-workers referencing something i just read in an article, my husband experiencing similar cases through his work at a different hospital... and i am noticing them everywhere. which shows me that my discovery project is WORKING...my awareness has heightened, and i am fully engaged in my life and thoughts. it's like a game of sorts, seeing how my yoga practice intersects with my hectic workday; how the inspiration i find on artistic blogs relates to my own growth with mixed media; how history repeats itself.

today was the last class in my creative writing workshop and we read a piece written by, and about, a physician. one of my classmates is an MD, and shared about her experiences as a young resident. we talked about how our professions influence us, as well as our writing. i have realized that not only am i a social worker by profession, but more importantly, in my heart. i believe that to do what we do, one must LIVE the values...and not just 9-5. one of my favorite overlaps these days is the way i see that side of myself in everything i do.

and, like through a crystal ball, i am seeing a strong connection between my writing and my academic training. i am starting to gain ideas for future articles and exploring avenues for publication. i am drawn to the concept of community and how this relates to my personal and professional lives. i am hoping that the harmony of these two parts of me can create something beautiful, and uniquely my own.

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