a trip down memory lane...

the phone on loud-speaker...too many voices screaming, laughing, remembering...us here and everyone else there. we called ourselves "small but mighty" this year...just my husband and my parents in the house over the past few days. we made christmas eve a party, lots of snacks and cocktails...but the call to all of our cousins/aunts/uncles in illinois just proved how small our party of four really was. i was reminiscing with my cousin over the phone: remember those christmas eve's with the care bear sleeping bags and santa coming to visit???

so many years ago, yet so crisp in my memory...the smell of cookies lingering in the kitchen, newly made (matching!) outfits for me and my sisters, taking our shoes off on grandma's "new" carpet! there were whiskey sours for the adults--sometimes a sip for us older kids--and all the hors d'oeuvres you could imagine...standing around grandma's dining room table, laughing way too loud.
my sister and her husband were there at grandma's this year...they promised to give us the play-by-play when they got back to houston. and my cousin agreed to post lots of pics on facebook, but it's just not the same. i want the sounds of babies crying and my uncles laughing and glasses clinking in the kitchen. i want the hugs and smiles and wrapping paper in my hands. i want the cozy warmth of grandma's living room with the fire roaring, tree lights twinkling and all of us squished in a circle on the floor. this is the christmas i remember.

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