today feels like this. 

i want to be outside with my camera, but i am forced to take a photo walk through the archives.  enjoy.


  1. You must live somewhere warmer than where I live, trees aren't blooming here yet. Thanks for the preview! Enjoy.

  2. Lovely blog with beautiful pictures. The 'Mariposa Studio' badge: does this mean you are one of the writer's who meet at Stephen Leacocks home or are from the Orillia area? The reason I am asking is I am from Barrie. I also could not find a spot on your page for people to follow your blog. Best wishes!

  3. @ Elizabeth: Mariposa Studio is my husband and my art studio...although now it is only a virtual studio, and our side business. And the RSS feed link is on the left hand margin. I didn't want the pressure of having a "follower" list. :)