this one seems very appropriate as my journey comes full-circle...(written sometime in 2005-2006)

Think outside the box—I’m thinking purple. The ribbon on my wrist. Avocados—paint the picture. Crazy colors everywhere. Color consumes my thoughts. Abstract. Is it art? So many thoughts—my head might explode. Write.write.write. even if it’s messy, hard to read, jumbled, confusing—like my brain. (eggs, drugs, old 80’s commercials) But I’m not. Au natural. The pain is a drug—it masks the other emotions. Always there, a constant reminder of another time. Another dream. Another me. Future. A new life. A new dream. A new me. Like blank canvas, waiting for the artist—bright, vibrant. Make it large. Splash the paint on. Swirls, strokes, art is life. Fresh. New. Full of spirit. To each his own. Free form—flowing—from the heart. Creativity is necessary for life.

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