pen & paper

i love writing...reading it, reflecting on it, my own, other people's, mmmmm delicious words. this is another entry pulled from an old journal:
ask me again. on a deserted island? what do I take? pen and paper. no question. it’s all I need. my salvation. my friend. my confidante. memory. history. who will read it? the thoughts flow, can they understand? do they care? who is it for? me? them? the tree that was lost? the ink runs out, the desire remains. to write. to think. to tell the truth. to be heard. powerful. yet underused.

e-mail.text message.phone.fax. what happened? will the mailman become extinct? will you stop printing stamps? old fashioned. archaic. outdated. no time. fast pace. information age has shifted our needs. connection. understanding. Webster’s, Funk & Wagnalls, APA. is it Google, AskJeeves, online news? paper. pen. with feather, ink pot, blotting pad. will my children even know? care? is grandma my last pen pal? an art. penmanship. handwriting grades. is it all computer class and Word documentation? who will carry the torch? who will continue the legacy?

save the trees.

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