thanksgiving prayer

this is something i wrote during my grief journey, i'm sure more to follow regarding this transitional phase of my life...

Thank you for strength – to realize my weaknesses and strive to overcome them.

Thank you for love – to realize its importance every day and cherish its place in my life.

Thank you for laughter – the time to free my heart from all pain and feel true joy.

Thank you for friendship – to see the true meaning reveal itself again and again throughout my lifetime.

Thank you for flowers – to brighten my day and lift my spirits.

Thank you for the sun – for with it the darkness disappears.

Thank you for kindness – in the words of a stranger, who may know just the right thing to say.

Thank you for the future – a planned vacation, anticipated reunion, a new beginning.

Thank you for truth – it is the basis for everything real in my life.

Thank you for courage – to move forward, to accept change, to believe again.

Thank you for the sunrise – with its glory comes a new day.

Thank you for time – to learn, to grow, to fulfill my dreams.

Thank you for family – with its definition ever-expanding and its arms always open.

Thank you for life.

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