the biggest inspiration for this project has been a friend's recommendation to check out Brene Brown's website Ordinary Courage and her link to the incredibly talented Kelly Rae Roberts and Taking Flight. a whole new world has opened up that i never knew existed. all of these ridiculously talented women, all writing and creating and communicating and part of an unbelievable community. these are all topics i'm sure to address over the next year, as i myself attempt to write, create, communicate, and become part of the blog community.

the idea is to post at least once a week, reflecting on one specific "discovery" for the previous week. the ambiguity of the word entices me...it's kinda like "journey," it can take on a myriad of meanings. spiritual, travel, personal, grief, a rockin' band from the 80's... i began my journey of self-discovery somewhere during the quarter-life crisis and kicked it up a notch as a social work student. lots of reflection, lots of soul-searching, lots of new discoveries.

i also plan to make a creative/artisitic representation of each entry to keep it interesting. even if my sister is the only person who ever reads it...i'm doing this for me, and invite anyone who needs a little creative boost to journey along with me.

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