alone vs. lonely

my husband left today and will spend the next 5 days in chicago. first, i am jealous. i want to be in chicago. about the only time i miss the windy city is this time of year...cubs games, cool breeze off the lake, beer gardens, rooftop decks, mmmm...all of it. i haven't been ALONE in a while...it's weird because before i was married i was alone A LOT. and i'm pretty independent, i loved my "jodie-time," even designated one weekend a month for "j-day"...spending it alone, doing whatever it was that nourished my soul.

but now, david nourishes my soul. he inspires me to be more creative. he makes me feel guilty for not practicing my spanish. he invites me to go bike riding and salsa dancing and road tripping. since i've been married i've had so much fun, i haven't noticed the need for alone time. it actually felt strange today, returning to the house after kissing him at the airport and wondering: what will i do today? below you will see what i have done today...as well as cleaned the entire house, went swimming at my sister's pool, got my car washed, and finished 2 loads of laundry. wow, being alone really leads to productivity.

but i started thinking...what is the difference between alone and lonely? today i have enjoyed being alone, but i'm guessing that once the novelty wears off (like, when i get into bed tonight), it might not be so exciting. guess we'll have to wait and see, but if i were a bettin' gal, i'd say mr. lonely might be creeping in pretty soon. until then, enjoy the fruits of my alone-ness....

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  1. I miss Chicago too!!! Thanks for liking my Michelle Gardner-Quinn website. Someone clicked your link and I traced it back to here. Nice blog :)