birth month

did i mention that i LOVE birthdays!?!? mine, my family members', co-workers...i don't care, i think everyone should celebrate. this blog is actually a result of my upcoming birthday...and as i celebrate "birth month," i'll share how it all started.

32. how boring. nothing fun happens when you're 32. And coming off the last couple years, it seemed particularly uneventful. 31 included completion of graduate school, travel to Hawaii, passing the licensing exam, my wedding, and first job as a social worker. 30 was similarly exciting: dancing onstage at a club in Hong Kong on my 30th b-day, meeting my future husband and falling in love, and lots of travel, including my favorite ex-hometown: Chicago.

so i decided, after a big gift from my husband, that this year would be fabulous. i absolutely refuse the 9-5 mentality, not to mention i work 8-6 most days. in my effort to continue learning and never fall into a routine...i have embarked upon the year of discovery.

as a semi-workaholic, who loves her crazy job, i also refuse to lose the creative spirit i have rejuvenated over the past 5 years. and with an artist as a husband, there is no shortage of supplies close at hand. i look forward to this new form of media (i'm a pen-n-paper kind of gal), and the new community i am discovering every day.

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