birth week

well, the big "1st Discovery" post was supposed to be on my birthday, but david and i decided last minute to drive to galveston after work yesterday! it was so nice...cruisin' with the windows down, sitting out on the balcony watching the pelicans, eating junk food and watching movies. oh, and dancing like idiots to thriller. here are the highlights from birth week, which fits nicely into birth month...and will continue with the ultimate birthday gift on saturday...

david brought me a little peace from chi-town

i finally found the desk of my dreams!!! too bad it was $595....why!?! if anyone knows somewhere in texas to get a 6' long vintage farm table, PLEASE let me know. otherwise, the search continues...

we saw this on jamie's birthday...i told everyone i thought it was heaven, and made them come outside to take a peek.

i have a bunch of ideas floating around for my discovery post...i need to sleep on it and entry #1 will hopefully arrive tomorrow!

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