crazy days

ah...the crazy days of summer...so many things to do, so little time. i have so much to say, yet no time to get it all out. i will just have speak through images until the show is over this weekend and i can breathe again. don't get me wrong...i love this crazy life (i created it!), but sometimes somethin's gotta give.  enjoy...

i love how this installation turned out...a leftover album from the covers i used to paint on,
with cardboard squares i kept from our studio renovations.

this is a vintage poster i bought in seattle with my sister years ago...
wax, oil pastels, on an old wood panel found at a junk shop

i hung the whole show all by myself last night while david finished his mural! 
why does art look so much better like this?


  1. These are FABULOUS! This is all your work?!?! Wow. I so wish I could be there. I really like that vintage poster one. Did I miss a blog post with all you pieces?

  2. yeah, it's all me. i'll probably post some more from the show over on the studio blog this week! (oh, and the poster one is my fave too :)