discovery #36

the feel of rain on my face

how often as adults do we run from the rain? hide from it--under an umbrella, in our car, a jacket held over our head? like the wicked witch, it's as if we might melt if the liquid touches our skin...or god forbid, our hair! i am guilty of this myself...i carry an umbrella in my bag, have another in my car. i avoid starting a run if there is even a chance that it may interrupt me.

but today i had the chance to truly enjoy the feel of cool drops on my face. the tingle of a spring shower on my arms as i rode my bike along the lonely path. rather than cursing the clouds and peddling faster toward the safety of cover, i savored it. in childhood we delight in these events...splashing in the streets with the neighbor kids, pointing our faces to the heavens, spreading our arms  to enjoy the moment.

i did that today. and it felt soooo good.


  1. I love this. Completely agree with you...so often we forget that a little rain doesn't matter.

  2. yes, it's true- as adults we run from the ran. i've occasionally been caught literally running in the rain, miles from my home. it's always very enjoyable, but yet if it's raining at the beginning of a run i talk myself out of going.

    glad you got out in it and let the drops fall on you..