summer daze

i volunteer at an amazing organization called bo's place...and yesterday was the first session of our summer daze series. i actually got to participate in one of the exercises led by some of the HGOco team. as i wrap up the first week in my flying lessons e-course, it seemed like a perfect thing to post to talk about my goals and fears.  if you want to give it a whirl...just fill in the blanks...

i hope...my article gets published. i hope i can finish the book.
i have learned...how important it is to have people to support and encourage me.
i believe...life is short. we need to make every day count.
i don't believe...in failing.
i fear...rejection. that my work will not be seen; my story not told.
i have seen...beautiful places all over the world.
i have never seen...the grand canyon.
i don't know...what happens when we die.
i wonder...what my life will look like in 10 years. will i have children?
i know for sure...i will always see the beauty in the world. we are all unique.
don't tell me...i can't.
i want...to be an author.
i have heard...the waves crashing at the beach.

i am...happy. grateful for the gifts in my life.

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  1. i fear rejection too, but i'm pretty sure we have to learn to just embrace it to get anywhere-
    good luck! :)