you never cease to amaze me. in certain situations, you seem to last forever...the excruciating pain of waiting for a test result, an apology, christmas morning when you're 7. and in others, you are gone in a blur...difficult to imagine how the hours could pass so easily while creating a piece of art, playing with children.

there are so many ways to describe you...in hours, seconds, decades, lifetimes...so many reasons to love and hate you. most agree there is never enough of you...most would pay top dollar for just a bit more. we seem to always be racing against the clock...timelines, to do lists, schedules, alarm clocks. how can we enjoy just this one moment in time?

the time of our lives...is it right now? has it already passed...or do we spend every minute trying to get there? oh time, you never cease to amaze me...

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  1. oh my gosh...what an awesome capture! It looks like it some really cool abstract painting.