33 and lovin' it

birthdays (especially mine!)

for my husband's 30th i gave him a list of 30 things i love about him.  for my birthday, i am creating a list of 33 things i love about myself. here we go....
  1. i love the swings
  2. i color in coloring books (as in, i own my own books and crayons)
  3. i dance to 80's youtube videos with my husband in our living room
  4. i am an avid cliff jumper
  5. i own blue nail polish
  6. i have worn candy necklaces often as an adult
  7. i dream of living in an RV
  8. i believe adults should not need children to have a swing set in their backyard
  9. i live every day like it's my last
  10. i am inspired by children's curiosity
  11. my favorite part of the game cranium is the play-doh
  12. i know for sure that one should always choose fun over cleaning the house
  13. i ate fried oreos at the rodeo
  14. i love kites
  15. riding my bike brings me joy
  16. i wear pigtails often
  17. my family is slightly addicted to the game catch phrase
  18. i am happiest at the beach house, with the sound of the ocean from the balcony
  19. i believe s'mores are a little bit of heaven for our tastebuds
  20. i am fascinated by nature
  21. i have a brave girl t-shirt
  22. i am obsessed with birthday's...parties, cake, balloons...bring it on
  23. i invite any occasion to wear costumes, funny hats, or play dress-up
  24. i rode an elephant with my husband
  25. i have completed a triathlon
  26. i will drop almost anything to watch a sunrise or sunset
  27. i often eat ice cream before (or as) my dinner
  28. i love getting letters in the mail
  29. i use colorful pens whenever possible
  30. i am enamored with aquariums
  31. packing for a trip is an ultimate high
  32. i wore custom-made red puma sneakers to my wedding (they had blue laces)
  33. every year i become a little more me
happy birthday to me!  off to the beach to soak up some sun and sip mojitos...

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