7 link challenge

i was over at susannah's and she participated in a fun challenge i thought i'd join.  here is where it all began....and i loved the idea of going back through the archives! especially since there are some big changes brewing over here...i've been trying to get it all done as my "year of discovery" comes to an end.

a look back at my first year in the blogosphere...and what a year it's been! i can hardly believe the transformation from the girl who started typing up her dreams in this space just before her 32nd birthday. it was strange going back to some of those first posts...i was so hesitant to put it all out there.  enjoy a walk down memory lane...

my first post...inspiration was posted on june 18, 2009

post i enjoyed writing the most...definitely this one reviewing the best of 2009. it was so nice to have an excuse to reflect on the year and highlight some amazing memories.

post which had a great discussion..i am not alone.  well, the discussion mostly occurred offline, but it was definitely a hot topic!

post on someone else’s blog i wish i'd written...this hilarious post by jen gray. 

my most helpful post...life is beautiful. i hope this reminds my readers to seek out beauty, and not allow ourselves to be controlled by those things we cannot.

post with a title that i'm proud of...pee your pants funny. i don't know if i'm "proud" of it, but i'm guessing it was an attention grabber...and it still makes me giggle.

post i wish more people had read...my childhood scrapbook. this really shows a lot about my history and i loved re-reading it...

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