art days

i love these days when david and i are both working on projects...you can just feel the creative energy in the house. i started the piece above last week when i was feeling the yucks coming on...just selecting the images made me happier. i'm also trying to salvage a piece i had intended to submit for the new outpatient building at work (they're using employee and physician art pieces)...clearly i did not enjoy the monotony of the mosaic tiles. maybe i'll post my progress later in the week...

off to ride our bikes and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. I am soooooo loving this! This is fabulous! I love the colors (that blue!) and the sunflower. I really really love your stuff. You should sell on etsy...do you? I'd buy.

  2. you're the best cheerleader, ever! my husband and i have actually mentioned the idea of a collaborative etsy site...hmmmm.