i think a while ago i posted something to the effect of: "the universe is conspiring to push me toward my dreams..." or something like that. well.............last night was CRAZY! one of david's friends brought his girlfriend from colombia, she had just gotten into the states, so we went to meet her last night. a bunch of people showed up at the hookah bar, and there was this lovely eccentric woman who sat next to me. it was one of those amazing nights where everyone knows someone, but no one knows everyone. so we talked about all the taboo subjects, religion, etc. and at one point she looks at me and says: "okay, i'm getting something from you." intrigued, i asked her to go on...

"you have a greater ambition. it's bubbling just beneath the surface. an itch that hasn't been scratched. and you are going to be really good at it, it will hold you, sustain you. it will allow you to reach more people. this is the thing you have been preparing for."

i'm paraphrasing now, but DAMN! i almost freaked out in the middle of the lebanese restaurant. i asked if she was one of those people with "the gift." she said this happens with certain people, and she's learned to "reel it in." (she used a fishing analogy.) i was mesmerized. i wanted her to repeat it to david, since he's the only other person who knows about all this bubbling-itchy-dreamy-stuff. but the moment was gone--or she was drunk and couldn't remember--but for that moment in the crowded, smoky porch, i had my own oracle.

when we got in the car and i attempted to retell the story to david, he said simply "i believe in that stuff." and i realized i did too. i am finally listening to what the universe is telling me. i am open to the signs, and i am inspired to follow my heart--rather than taking the safe route. like i told my fortune teller last night, we are just "working out the logistics." it's coming.

and as this dream begins to take shape, i know this is the place for the big REVEAL. stay tuned...

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