on accomplishment...

i actually submitted two pieces today: my This I Believe essay, and a little entry to WOW: Women on Writing. i was so disappointed in my actual writing that i had to do something to make myself feel better.  i got about 4 handwritten pages of the story for my creative writing class, and then the worst.headache.ever. okay, not EVER, but i didn't feel like writing.  (or editing my husband's paper for grad school--oops!)  but now i've run some errands, made a delicious dinner, submitted some writing, and i'm feeling much better.  (oh, did i mention pinot grigio? yes, that too.)

so i wanted to talk a bit about accomplishment.  sometimes this can be achieved by a load of laundry, and a really good night of movie-watching-on-the-couch-with-my-hubby. other days, i have a LIST. you know the kind...totally doable if i never spend a single minute relaxing or sitting still or doing anything ENJOYABLE. today was kind of a mix of both...i had the LIST, but then i decided i didn't care about the list. and since then it has been pretty fabulous.

now i am proud that i made a super-healthy dinner (homemade black bean soup and sautéed brussels sprouts), talked to my mom and sister on the phone, put away all the groceries, AND changed the sheets.  i'd say that's not bad for a day's work. so, i'm letting myself off the hook. the rest will get done at some point.  or, it wasn't really that important in the first place.


  1. Jodie,

    Here is a call for submissions that might interest you and your writing group:

    "The University of Nebraska Gender Programs / Women's Center is publishing the anthology Becoming, edited by Jill McCabe Johnson. The editors seek personal narratives and a small number of poems relaying the story of a formative experience that helped shape the woman you've become."


  2. awesome...thanks so much!