discovery #30

that simplifying isn't as easy as it looks

we just downsized from a 3-bedroom house with a garage to a 2-bdrm apartment. a while back i posted this, in anticipation of the move. i was convinced that this was our chance to "simplify," to purge all of the crap that accumulates when you have the space to store it. and i was partially right...we did throw out (or rather, give away) quite a bit of stuff. but then there was the 94% of our belongings that traveled across town--and was dragged up two flights of stairs--and you see in our 2nd bedroom above.

i've tried this before when my life seems to be overwhelming me with the continuous to do lists. when the calendar is full and my free time has become non-existent. but what i've found is that i thrive on the chaos--i secretly love the overcrowded schedule of events, feel anxious when there's nothing "to do." what i've found is that the key is actually being present during all of these activities. the ability to be truly in the moment and not planning how to accomplish the next seven things on the list.

often the reason i'm feeling out of balance is that i'm not actively engaged in all the tasks, as opposed to the sheer quantity. and i'm beginning to realize the same is true for all my stuff. if each of these items holds a special meaning or purpose in my life, then who cares that it overflows the closets? if i can't bear to part with the tsing tao beer mug from my trip to hong kong, or the painting i dragged all the way back from the waterfall in ocho rios, jamaica, then it must mean they're worth keeping.

and as i mentioned in this post, i am a collector. and what it really comes down to are the memories that these artifacts reflect. we fill our homes--and our hearts--with a lifetime of stuff, which in turn reflects who we are and what we value. as i dug a little deeper into this concept i found this...check it out, it's a really interesting area of research on the subject. and take a peek at the rooms in which you live. why do we keep the things we do and what do these items say about us and our personalities?

if the photo above reflects anything...i'm pretty sure it proves that i'm just not meant to be simple.

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