i am working on my story for the last creative writing class next week and i'm freaking out. it seems every time i pick it up i'm up against some type of deadline and just trying to "get it done." i know this is why i didn't submit it to that contest a month or so ago and i know this is why i really don't want to turn it in for class. but the professor asked that i submit it again (this was what i used for my very first story) for everyone to review.

the problem is:  i switched the entire tense from the first submission (originally it was in past tense, but the input i got from the class review was to change it to present)...and after i did that, my professor told me it really should be in a "reminiscent point of view." now i'm just overwhelmed.  i got a lot of really great feedback from the group i sent it out to after those changes, but i haven't had the time to actually make them. i had all good intentions to do that this morning, but it's just too much.

first, i had to actually buy microsoft office this morning b/c my trial had expired. plus, i don't even know where the cable for my printer went during the move. and it took at least 20 minutes to locate all of my writing stuff amongst the boxes and now i don't even want to use it. really i just don't know where to start.  do i bother with making the changes while it's still in present tense?  do i need to go back to the original version, add in all the "new" details, and THEN make changes with my friends' feedback?

i knew that being a writer was going to be difficult. i knew that i wouldn't be able to make all the changes in one sitting. but i at least thought i would be able to get started. the venting is helping...i'm starting to feel a bit more calm. i am starting to visualize the shape i want the story to take. i am now thinking that i have to meet my friend for lunch in one hour. maybe i'll just get in the shower instead.

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  1. It's about the journey, not the destination. You can't be the perfect writer all at once...you are becoming it. You can do it!