discovery #32

blanco, texas

we whet our appetites in the home base of wimberley, with the craziest shopping experience i have ever had. david and i were so disappointed that most of the antique shops were closed on sunday, but one of the owners had her own unique way to deal with this dilemma.  although she wasn't on-site and the shop was officially closed, she had a huge selection of "outdoor items" (mostly furniture and metalwork) that sits in the "front yard" of her store. and if you look very closely at the store hours, you will also find a line that reads self-service: please leave your money in the lock box below and enjoy!  we totally left cash in the box and walked off with the most perfect metal butterfly for our new gallery.

but i am missing the entire point of this discovery: BLANCO.  in our search for an (open) antique store, we stumbled upon the most.darling.town.ever. rather than ramble on about all my finds...i'll give you the visual tour:

what i have discovered over the last year is a deep love for vintage items...both for use in my artwork and also as a medium for story. i am always thirsting for more information about a piece i've found--or taken great pleasure in creating a story for myself. the best part of exploring this whole new world:  the other morning david woke up and asked me "wanna go antiquing today?"  marriage is so awesome.

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