discovery #3

that good music makes everything better.

especially road trips. picture this: 7 hours in a car with your in-laws. or 10 hours in a (very small) car with your boyfriend's spanish-speaking aunt and cousin. who you just met 5 minutes before the trip. oh, and you don't speak any spanish.

this weekend i discovered that with some funky 80's groove, even a road trip with my in-laws is fun. and that trip from mexico with david's cousin last year: awesome! due to a 5-hour non-stop a cappella sing-along of beatles, beach boys, and of course, madonna.

my sister casey and i did a 6-week road trip after jamie's death, and the whole trip is represented by the music we listened to. we have video clips taken from the passenger seat of just the scenery, all set to a bad ass soundtrack courtesy of the car stereo. we didn't even need to add music to the video...and now every time i hear those songs it evokes great memories of the summer with my sister.

music is like smell for me, it can take me back to a time in my life...or a long-forgotten memory.

  • beat it (or any mj hit) -- in the basement of our house on ivy lane, with my dad's huge headphones covering my little ears
  • bel biv devoe -- 8th grade at loredo taft
  • YMCA -- willow dances and the smell of chlorine late into the night
  • 1999 and we are family -- college days at kkg
  • red red wine & standing outside the fire -- always remind me of jamie
  • and baby got back? the night i met my husband

what would make up the soundtrack for your life? i'm considering putting the above into a playlist...most aren't even on my i-pod now. it seems we always review our life with photos, but what about the music to accompany those images?

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