hilarious mini-discoveries

okay, so when i decided to look for some photos for my last post i came across some doozies. don't ask why i'm embarrassing myself so much with this one, but it is so absolutely horrifying...i had to share!

this one is a classic...i am about 2 seconds from being malled by an elk in the height of mating season. apparently taking photos of his woman is NOT OKAY. p.s. yes, my mom and her friend were TAKING PICTURES as i am about to be malled by an elk.

oh, and seriously...sorry if this guy's sergeant is seeing this, but it's just too good not to post. (we got a ride back to our hotel in the back -- see #2)

and this is my favorite halloween ever...i made oatmeal raisin cookies (from the martha stewart living magazine) and passed them out at each stop on the bar crawl.

just a little giggle for your monday blues...

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