i love packing. making the long list of items i will assuredly never use, but deem necessary at this moment. i love the anticipation, getting ready for the big adventure. i love the moment when everything is securely fastened in the suitcase and the zipper is pulled tight.

i love airports. i love the excitement of getting my boarding pass, looking at the list of departures, watching all of my fellow travelers.

i love the unexpected pleasures. being bumped to business class for an international flight. finding that our "budget" hotel room has a balcony, AND an ocean view. meeting the locals and getting a tip for the best meal in town.

i love learning a new environment. that moment when you realize you don't need the map anymore. when you know how to use the subway-bus-pack mule-system without asking for help.

...and i love the bragging rights. i'm secretly most in love with the re-telling of my travels. the slight exaggeration of the highlights. the more impressive exaggeration of the mishaps and misfortunes. i love saying in dinner conversation "oh yes, i remember that from my time in china" or "well, when i lived in australia..." and i get an extra twinge of pleasure when someone says "wow, you've been everywhere."

not yet...but that's the goal.

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