discovery #5

i may have found the perfect job.
(well, if i have to work an 8-5)

as i was driving home and thinking about which discovery to write about this week, i realized i have officially spent 1/2 my life working. i started at 15, and (according to my social security statement) earned no income in 1998...college summer in europe. so, as i just turned 32, my math puts me at 16 years of employment. let's review:
  • lifeguard/swim instructor
  • olive garden server
  • costume designer (well, i was never paid for it...but damn i love halloween!) and i'm realizing i don't have pictures of myself at work much!
  • bar waitress
  • advertising agency intern
  • Promotions Coordinator - ad agency
  • Social Host - norwegian cruise lines (ship: norwegian sky) seriously, can you SEE this outfit???? (i'm in yellow) there are no words for the kind of humiliation i felt the first night i taught line dancing in this thing.
  • firefighter okay, that's a lie...but i did train to be a fire squad leader on the ship
  • Field Event Coordinator - avon breast cancer 3-day event
  • temp (at about 100 companies in chicago)
  • Youth Advocate - group home for boys
  • Executive Assistant - saks fifth avenue (in chi-town AND houston)
  • starbucks barista
  • medical social worker
phew...i should have warned you it was a ridiculously long list. i was the queen of i-know-what-i-don't-want, but had no clue what i was looking for in a career. becoming a social worker granted me the wish i had to take all of my volunteer positions (check out bo's place for my favorite) and actually get paid for it. and through my grad school practicum experiences i learned that i didn't want to work for a government system -- and needed the professionalism and multidisciplinary benefits of a large hospital.

top 10 reasons my job is perfect for me:
  1. my boss works in a different building and never micromanages
  2. my co-workers are supportive and FUN
  3. i meet someone new every day
  4. i learn something new every day
  5. i have balance between patient care and the administrative crap (i secretly kinda like)
  6. the opportunity for continuing education (who knew i was a perpetual student)
  7. my hospital has a lunchtime scrapbooking club!
  8. my hospital has a healing garden!
  9. i am paid a fair salary for my experience
  10. i am making a difference.
side note: anyone looking for a break from corporate life...working on ships is definitely an experience you will never forget. i have some awesome photos from NCL's gay cruise, but thought they might be a bit inappropriate to post. and for my GLBTQ peeps: those cruises are possibly the craziest fun i've ever had!

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