one year. 365 days. wow. david and i said our vows almost exactly 8,760 hours ago. time really does fly when you're having fun. if i knew being married would be such a blast i'd have done it years ago. okay, that's a total lie. but seriously, david and i have had one helluva year! and as a nod to that commitment i live every day, i thought i'd share what only a handful of our family and friends got to hear on that (very hot 7 day post hurricane ike) night (in our living room with no electricity and a window unit on a very loud generator):

We commit...

To live passionately
To pursue peace
To fulfill our heart’s desires
To stand side-by-side through difficult times
To challenge conventional norms
To cherish those dearest to our hearts
To make every moment unforgettable
To open our hearts to those in pain and extend our hands to the needy
To bring joy to each other’s lives
To explore the world around us
To journey with those who struggle
To build our home as a refuge and sanctuary
To seek happiness along the road

…forever and ever, Amen.

oh, and i still have the napkin from the signature room drinking mojitos and watching the sun set over chicago while we wrote them...

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  1. wow. what beautiful and passionate vows. congrats on one year married!!!