the yucks

this week has been not fun. work kicked my ass, david was annoyed with me for being annoyed with work, i could barely get my entry posted for last week, and there are A LOT of dirty clothes in my hamper (oh, and in the suitcase from the weekend!)

i also get the yucks when i don't do something creative. i didn't make a painting in over a week. yuck. i only exercised twice. yuck. i ate a huge burger with shrooms and onions and a big blue moon for dinner. yum. (at least the week ended well) what it is about a 3-day weekend that makes the previous 5 days bearable? i am REALLY looking forward to the next few days....

i have already donned my "paintin frock" and am ready to get messy. i have had an extra corona for good measure. and the painting i am making has special meaning. oh, and david and i are planning to go vintage shopping on sunday and spend some time just walking on the beach and enjoying.the.view.

deep breath. good vibes. loud music. creative energy. sand between my toes. peace. love. mmmm, the weekend.

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