studio saturday

i love rainy days when i'm busy working on art inside!!! and i've been using all my finds from last weekend's trip to the antique shops in galveston. our favorite, antique warehouse, is an old brothel and all of the rooms (with some of the crazy beds!) are still intact...it is so awesome. i went back to get some more tiles, since i love the way my mixed media pieces look on them. Note: last time i paid $3 each and only bought 2, so this time i took 10 and offered him $1 a piece. but when i told the guy that i have being doing my art pieces on them, he gave 'em to me for 50 cents each...a fellow artist!! sooo happy. and my mom and i found these old quilt squares

(she is actually using some for her project linus quilts) which i worked on today. i'm still working on the depth, it's kinda flat-looking...we'll see what i come up with. i'll probably do another post today with some of the "work in progress" stuff i'm loving right now.

oh, and what i'm not loving...my new header. it looks weird...but i'm too lazy to do another one today.

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  1. i like seeing your works in progress because it's cool to see how creativity flows and moves. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. I like your header. I haven't changed mine since I first started. Now you've got me thinkin'....