discovery #7

elisabeth kübler-ross – the person.

yeah, so everyone knows about her five stages of dying, and maybe a few have even read “on death and dying,” but i was blown away by her grit and determination while reading her autobiography. let me preface this discussion with the fact that i picked up the book for a buck on the clearance rack at half price books (which is a great place for discoveries, I might add). i’ve been slowly collecting books on grief/bereavement in preparation for some future writing project or work with patients, and thought it might be useful.

so, when i took it along to my haircut saturday (where i do all my best reading), i couldn’t put it down. kübler-ross is so engaging on paper, and her life story plays like a dramatic film. i still have about 50 pages to go, but i’m definitely intrigued. i visited the website for her foundation today, but was a bit disappointed that it has been poorly maintained over the past few years. and it looks like they are creating a new site, but it is “temporarily unavailable.”

i suppose i’ll have to find another way to continue discovering her work, particularly some of her later writing (she wrote the memoir after surviving multiple strokes and went on to publish 5 books after that!) the book she did with her son, “Real Taste of Life: A photographic journal” will probably be next on my list.

who have you been reading lately…and what are they inspiring you to do?

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