phase 2

this was a photo i took of an iron gate at one of the historic homes in galveston...i love the pattern. i think this one still needs a little work, but i like how the texture of the paper works with the distress ink.
ahhh, my ode to chi-town. how i miss you this time of year! this is actually a photo david took when we went to celebrate our engagement. blues music, street musicians, "take me out to the ballgame"...i miss those sounds.

these are more quilt squares i found at an antique shop in galveston. i mixed black and silver paint and i love how it kinda made a chalkboard effect...allowing me to use my pencils and chalks to create patterns. i'm thinking the butterflies need a little more detail, but the simple colors are growing on me.

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  1. I'm really diggin' the second one from the top. Muted colors...yum.