day trippin'

to celebrate our anniversary, david and i did what we LOVE to do: road trip! even if it's just the few hours to austin, we love having time to talk, sing loud to the radio (and dance like idiots!), and get a break from our routine at home. i didn't remember how pretty that drive is, with all the trees and ranches and cute little towns (we need to hit up the antique stores next time) along the way. we had planned to go to barton springs pool, which is fed from natural underground springs, a part of zilker park. but i knew the water was always a cool 68 degrees (such a nerdy pre-trip researcher), and figured we'd better do something to get hot before heading over.
since my bike STILL has a flat tire we decided to forgo our usual trails in the park and do the botanical gardens instead. (much more romantic than mountain bikes, don't you think?) i had been to the gardens when i first moved to texas and remembered the japanese garden being really beautiful. and it still was this time, but overall the experience wasn't as impressive. we accidentally wandered into an undeveloped area, and instead of feeling like a secret trail...we could see cars on the highway and hear the traffic! but i did get a bunch of great pics, so overall it was a success. (and we danced like school kids in a gazebo on the grounds)

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