random reflections

i was home sick yesterday. and as i was forcing myself to lie in bed and "rest"--as everyone kept screaming--i started thinking about this whole blog thing. here are some of the thoughts i scribbled down in my feverish state...in no particular order or relevance:

* if i stated in one of my first posts "even if my sister is the only person who ever reads it...i'm doing this for me..." THEN WHY do i check for comments all the time???

* i've noticed that many bloggers add the old disclaimer "stealing is mean," have a watermark on their artwork/photos, etc. is this something to be worried about...especially if my sister is the only one reading it?

* the whole comment vs. e-mail thing...i am very interested in making connections with other creative women, but on the other hand, i barely have time for my real-life friends. how do i balance this...and fit it into my schedule?

* i am really focused on the authenticity movement created by brene brown, and hope that i can be truly myself through my posts. and i am not always happy-inspiring-smiley-sweetness. sometimes i am annoyed-frustrated-pissed off-bitch. but what i hope comes across is an honest description of life in my authentic voice.

* i am also concerned about the whole time-spent-online-conundrum. first you should know that i hate tv (clarification: this does not include HGTV) and absolutely refuse to be one of those people who comes home from work and basks in its glow while my husband watches something else in the other room. enter the artwork and blogging obsession...at least i have something to SHOW for those after-work hours not spent outside. but how much is too much...now i'm starting to feel the "blog guilt" that i notice many women discussing on their blogs. (leading to many a hiatus, sabbatical, whatever...to actually LIVE and not just write about it.)

* finally, i was thinking about the overall layout/updates/gadgets/changes/color themes that i really enjoy, but become sort of addicting. again, if i'm just doing this for the content, who cares what it looks like? but the perfectionist in me wants everything just so. and even though i know better than to compare my blog to those who have been doing this forever...it is inevitable.

in a nutshell, i still like my idea to do the discoveries once a week, and although i haven't been doing a specific art piece for each entry, i'm doing a lot of creating, which is really all that matters. i'm most pleased that i've actually stuck to it--i have posted a discovery entry on schedule and often more throughout the week with random thoughts. i'm also glad it's gotten me taking more pictures and using photoshop...i love seeing my life in photos.

so, we'll see what the next 3 months brings...maybe i'll get the flu again and ruminate about my place in the blogosphere at that point...

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  1. Ummm...did you just read my mind?!?!?! I concur on every point. (But I don't have a sister--it's my mom that is my faithful reader!) So here's my thoughts: first off, it is cool to connect with other strangers across the universe to see that other women are working at breathing their creative spirit into life. We check in more than you know. :) Secondly, we all have a deep desire to be known. So even though we use our blogs for our own expression of creativity, deep down we find encouragement when others affirm it. And that's okay. :)
    Keep up your beautiful work and your discipline to pursue your creative spirit. It was given to you for a purpose. Shine on!