discovery #15

so we're headed to dallas in an hour and i'm not done packing the car, but i had to get this in. it's a bit of a hodge-podge, rather than one of my long-winded "epiphanies," but i hope you'll enjoy nonetheless. a random selection of things i have discovered lately...
  • the guild shop! i don't know how i've never noticed this while heading to a favorite breakfast spot in the past. david and i went for brunch at la guadalupana on saturday morning and it was totally full...not a seat in or outside. we decided to get the food to go, and while we were waiting walked down to the shop. WOW. i was mesmerized by the sheer amount of merchandise...and good prices too!!!
  • the art of nonconformity...chris guillebeau is speaking TO ME! my favorite part is on page 9 here.
  • the most delicious jamaican restaurant...traffic was horrible tuesday night and david pulled off to avoid my inevitable bitch-session as a result. jerk chicken, bread with honey, veggie pattie....heaven.
  • water colors! (see photo above) david and i worked on the collaborative piece for our new "milos bedroom" last night...so much fun painting together. more to come on the room transformation.

that's all i got...hopefully something fun to post from our little road trip. going to a fundraiser tonight and meet up with some friends on friday night. and hopefully LOTS of writing in between, my story is due in a little over a week and i'm about 1/2 way there. maybe i'll post a bit of it before turning it in.

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