morning show diva

can you say UNCLE KRACKER!?!?!? oh yeah, baby...we're going...this weekend...freeeeee!

i cannot stop laughing from my morning-drive-time incident. picture first my husband and i enjoying a normal, construction-laden, traffic-congested, coffee-buzzed drive to work. then add in a little game show that mix 96.5 likes to call "JUST FOR GRINGOS." basically, they take a popular movie line, say it in spanish, and ask all the whiteys in town to call in with the movie title. so, as my (mexican-born) husband and i are soaking in the exhaust of our fellow h-town commuters, they utter something like "mi madre dice...caja de chocolates..." YES!!! forest gump all the way baby! my overly-priced spanish "immersion" course has paid off!

david dials the number--my heart starts beating... and guess who was the lucky caller???? i have never won anything by calling into a radio station. i have never even called in to a radio show in my entire life. this is why my hubby is the most.fun.playmate.ever! all before 8am.....

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  1. Hilarious! I'm sure y'all will have a blast at Uncle Kracker- I can't wait to hear all about it!!