discovery #16

a moment of true bliss.

it happens so rarely, that combination of factors that allow for a wave of peace to wash over me. the feeling of absolute contentment--and the wish that it would unpack its bags and stay for a while. we were sitting in the "community room" of the happiest place on earth: half price books, the one in dallas, a humongous warehouse of glorious words!

so, david is next to me at this wonderful wooden table, surrounded by art that was created for an empowerment project for persons with mental illness. the space was so peaceful, a combination of art gallery and library...where you can actually take the books home forever. d was working on a paper for grad school and i was editing my story for the creative writing class i'm taking, and i was so happy. the window casting this golden glow across the floor and the feeling washed over me like the tide caressing my feet in the sand. oh, to stay in that place, immersed in my writing, surrounded by literary genius, next to the man who encourages me to pursue my passions...

now david can't figure out why i keep bugging him to plan another trip up north!?!
and what i didn't realize until i started writing this is that one of the books i picked up (for $4!) was the joy diet by martha beck. it's a little self-helpy for my liking...but damn is she funny! i'm considering taking her advice on #1...even though it is REALLY against my nature to sit still and do nothing. but the buddhism books that i turn to for a relaxing pre-sleep read have been telling me the same thing for years: MEDITATION IS THE WAY TO GO. okay already, i hear you. how bad can 15 minutes be?

i'll let you know how it goes.

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