david and i have been featured in the love & a photo series, check us out! melly hocking does this sweet weekly feature of a couple on her blog. if you're interested in sharing your love story, shoot her an e-mail for details.

and today i also received a lovely e-mail from andrea scher of superhero journal, in response to my comment on a recent post. i love these little connections and electronic beams of support...it makes the experience that much more joyful.

i have been deep in the trenches of the writing world...today i started my "big story" for the creative writing class i'm taking. i drank coffee all snuggled in a blanket with my notebook and favorite pen...heaven. and it's finally cold enough in houston to break out the monkeys!!! and i love my t-shirt blanket...like a walk down memory lane.

i got a good 12 handwritten pages done before lunch. yes, i still have to write by hand and then type everything up later. old school at 32. it just doesn't flow on the screen like it does with real ink. call me old fashioned...

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