at the risk of sounding like a chamber of commerce ad, i have to say...houston can be a damn fun city if you know where to look! david and i always joke that houston became WAY MORE fun after we met. he always did cool things, but hated doing them alone. when i moved from chi-town everyone gaped "you left chicago for HERE!?!" but after 5 years, and quite a bit of exploration, i'm pretty happy where i landed. and to prove my point, let me review my weekend:

FRIDAY: picked up cuban tacos and tortilla soup from el rey...definitely our favorite neighborhood spot! okay, so i actually just chilled at the house friday night, which doesn't really explain why houston is fun. but i could mention that in houston i pay the same amount of rent (for a 3-bedroom house) that i paid in chicago for the top floor of a house. although that house was 2 blocks from wrigley field and you could actually hear the games from the balcony...okay, bad example.

SATURDAY: went to zumba class at our (super-snazzy-renovated) ymca. this was the first time i've done this class--i'm usually a power pilates girl--and it was awesome. totally kicked my ass, but totally worth it. combo of latin dance moves, great music...what a way to start the weekend! next was my bi-monthly coiffing...it is seriously my one indulgence. i don't buy designer clothes or fancy handbags or expensive jewelry. but once every 8 weeks i make a date with michael at m salon, and my husband is forever grateful. i just FEEL sexy when i walk outta there. also, michael asked if i'd help him edit his newsletter and some pr stuff...look at me becoming a writer.

and the piece de resistance: ARTCRAWL!!! every year on the weekend before thanksgiving, a bunch of studios in the warehouse district open their doors for us nosy art freaks to enjoy. the weather was terrible all day (and i seriously considered staying home), but once we got downtown it cleared up and we were able to roam the streets drip free. check out a few of my favorites:

then we headed to our secret nooky spot--the boom boom room--but actually met friends this time. had some delicious wine (bohemian highway, yum.) and cheese plate. a great end to a perfect day.

SUNDAY: slept in...relaxed around the house. and then, if you remember back to a previous post, to see uncle kracker! this was such a ridiculous experience for me...winning something on the radio, a private room at the house of blues, and up-close-and-personal with "kid rock's bff" (he mentioned this only a few times!) oh, and do you like how the radio guy made me hold my coozie up for the picture!?!? it was too hilarious. after that we stopped at la guadalajara for a snack (and a margarita)...they make a mean chicken & spinach quesadilla.

wanna come visit?

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  1. What a great weekend- and a great way to highlight how much fun you can have in Houston. Although, I believe that you & David could have fun just about anywhere you are - b/c you seek it out and make things fun!