none of your beeswax.

beeswax on tile (the leaf i found during a recent walk )

woo hoo...i have finally tackled a beeswax project! i bought this tiny piece of wax over a month ago and finally got out my old saucepan and gave it a go. as with anything, it will take some getting used to...but i loved it! i'm always trying to get more texture and more muted tones. bingo.

but as i was trying this technique (and looking at a few examples online), i realized that lately i'm not so much "playing" as i am trying to get a desired look. it's a strange shift for me...if you look at the gallery of the pieces i've made since july, they are ALL OVER THE PLACE. and i like that. you can tell i'm playing with different mediums, techniques, and letting my creativity take over. lately, i feel like i want a "style"...i know what artwork i enjoy, and i'm feeling frustrated that i'm not creating something closer to it.

so the question becomes: do i want all of my art to look the same? you know how most artists have a body of work that is very similar in style and technique? but how do i feel about that? would i get bored doing the same "type" of artwork over and over again? or would i just get better at it?

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