THE BIG 100!

this is unbelievable...100 entries seems crazy to me. when i first started, i'd look at women who'd been doing this since 2006, and drool at all the loveliness they had accrued. i have to say, after only 6-7 months...100 posts is not.too.shabby.

i decided a while ago that for #100 i would list all of the "discoveries" that didn't make the cut. especially in the first months while i was trying to get the hang of it, i'd list my daily discoveries like a gratitude journal. obviously only one was turned into my entry for the week.

so, in no particular order....here's a peek at the OTHER things i've discovered so far:
  • the importance of good co-workers
  • that there isn't a photo of my sister jamie in my office
  • the power of getting all dolled-up (and someone noticing!)
  • painting is like exercise for me: i just need to get my clothes on
  • the importance of my friendship with my sister casey - i miss hanging out with her more often
  • that you can lower your electricity bill like your cell phone (competition is good.)
  • the beauty of those "breakthrough" fights...that actually make your relationship stronger
  • there are still kind people in the world (the guy who gave me free glasses frames)
  • i can start doing continuing education presentations at the hospital
  • soybeans are the devil
  • my husband and i have similar dreams for the future
  • my headaches may be caused by TMJ
  • i have a wild imagination
  • old friends through facebook
  • new excuses for skipping the gym
  • this video (i love toys that remind me of my childhood!)
  • i’m obsessed with trees
  • i need to downsize, simplify my life
  • i am good at yoga (and that i've been doing it for 9 years!?!)
  • pomegranate seeds in my martini -- yum.
  • that being outside on a gorgeous tuesday afternoon is where i should be
  • (and that i'm thinking much more about a non-8-5 life)
  • clovers growing in my yard
  • muscles i haven't used in a while
  • that having my own bank account is no longer important to me
  • families are very hard work
  • i am a crazy contradiction
  • lost memories (i.e. watching disney movies with my family on sunday nights)
  • that i love going to services to do the prayer for the bereaved; my connection to jamie
  • the universe is conspiring to push me toward my dreams
  • that i am enamored by the RV lifestyle...check this out. and i always love looking at these.
  • i love video art pieces
  • i don't like when my house is too clean
  • the definition of an innerpreneur...and that i qualify as a cultural creative
  • that my hair looks amazing in a climate with 49% humidity
  • that i am a good problem solver
  • that david and i need 2nd jobs to satisfy our appetite for travel

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