i love words. i love the power of words. how a single word can evoke incredible emotion, bring a long-lost memory flooding back to the present. how the simple act of writing it on the page can transform my mood.

i think of a stark white room, free from clutter. uber modern furniture. a closet, stripped down to the simplest of wardrobes--a pair of jeans, little black dress, color-coordinated t-shirts, 3 pairs of shoes. freedom. wide open spaces. meditation. getting down to the basics. a feeling of peace.

this is what i need in my life...simplicity. a narrow focus. a reduction of non-essentials. reorganization. prioritization. clarification. what is my goal? my dream? my passion? can they be simplified into one strategic plan? and how long might it take to accomplish? i have many interests, i enjoy living a balanced life. i like to try new things...have various outlets for my creativity.

but what is my PASSION? what drives me above all other factors in my life? what keeps me going...boosts my confidence? how do i "follow my bliss" and where will this new adventure take me? i am ready for a new journey. i am ready to take the steps necessary to create my best life with david. we have agreed on one thing: we are not conventional. we will not follow the same path our parents took. we cannot achieve true happiness by conforming to someone else's ideals.

it is time for a change. it is time for simplification. it is time to pursue our dreams and take action. it's that simple.

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