new artwork

it's been a really long time since i posted new artwork...i've found that i'm doing less mass-producing these days, and trying to spend more time on each individual piece. i'm loving the wax lately...experimenting with different layers. each of these is done on wood, i've moved away from the album covers, as they tend to curl/bend with time. and the wood is just as cheap (about $1.50 per 12x12" square) and fairly light/easy to store.

the one above is something i'm still working on. i wanted a heavenly feel...i'm still dreaming of doing an angel painting, i just can't come up with a design that i like. we'll see where it goes.
this is a bit bright for me...and i tend to hate pink, but i'm still playing around with the various textures...i'm not sure how i feel about the butterfly looking so 3-D, but i'll give it some time to grow on me.
finally got a few stamps...still playing around with them...

i'm also working on a new banner tonight...we'll see how it goes...

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