i never thought about how people actually comment on my blog...i just set up my little space and hoped that someone might be interested in stopping by. i've gotten comments over the months, so i figured it was all good. but then i actually ASKED people to comment, and found that maybe's there's a problem. my cousin told me a while back that she tried to comment, but it wouldn't go through. knowing that blogger is sometimes crabby and prone to tantrums, i just figured it was another glitch in the system. well, this time she tried again...to no avail...and i realized i had selected "registered users" only. so i opened it up to everyone, thinking that might solve it. but AGAIN, she couldn't comment.

so....what i'm thinking is: MILLIONS OF AMAZING PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO COMMENT EVERY DAY! at least that will make me happy for right now. but what made me happy on sunday, was that my first (and only!) comment was from susannah, who started the whole smile-revolution. and that made the whole experiment worth it.

and now i'm back to writing just for me, to remember this crazy-beautiful life i live, and to have a place to display all the pretty things i've been collecting. i went around my house and took photos of all the things that make me happy. and as we plan to move out of this big house and into a tiny apartment, i really need to enjoy the space while i can. here we go... 
all of my vintage cameras...and some favorite photos
the original paintings from our wedding invitation, in an old frame found at a garage sale (p.s. if you look close, i wrote our vows in the border)
a mosaic i started over the weekend, which was supposed to be entered in a contest at work tomorrow...but sadly still looks similar to above...
my desk in my studio...i love when it looks like this
the bulletin board by my computer desk...the plastic baggie holds my grandmother's hankie that she mailed to houston for my wedding (when she couldn't fly in due to the hurricane)
the watercolor david and i made together to remind us of our time in greece


  1. I love the old cameras! I've thought about collecting them as I've found a few at antique stores. Hmm....
    And, I hope you are getting my comments!

  2. :-) Jodie, I kept trying to comment the day you asked for comments and the darned Blogger system would not let me. I just gave up! :-(

    You do have a faithful reader in me.